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Need help? Call (817) 886-9575


About Jo Gunn Antennas

Jo Gun Antennas have earned the reputation of being the finest CB antennas on the market today. There are many reason why these antennas have gained the respect and prestige they much deserve.

All Jo Gunn Antennas are made of 6063 T52 aluminum tubing, which is the highest grade aluminum tubing ever put into CB/11 meter antennas.

All Jo Gunn Antennas use a 2″x2″ square boom which was uniquely developed to maintain perfect element alignment and overall strength of the antenna. The element diameter is much larger than other antennas. With the Yagi type design, the talking is done off of the surface of the element, not through the element. This, in conjunction to being properly spaced, gives a Jo Gunn more overall gain and audio.

Jo Gunn Antennas also use our proprietary concept of the elements passing through the boom, which helps give a much cleaner and stronger construction to our antennas. The absence of hubs, muffler clamps, and hose clamps make it the leader in quality and strength. There are no wires or other gimmicks used to promote performance. The design and construction of these antennas are what sets them above all others.

With the customer in mind, these antennas were bult to provide many years of maximum performance with high wind survival and total reliability. When Jo Gunns talk, people listen!

1 Year Limited Warranty

It is expressly agreed that there are no warranties, expressed or implied, made by either the Seller or Manufacturer’s Warranty against defective materials or workmanship as follows:

  • The Manufacturer warrants that it will repair F.O.B. its factory, or replace without charge F.O.B. its factory any antenna within one year after the date of sale by the Dealer which is provided to the satisfaction of the Company to have been defective at the time it was sold, provided that all parts claimed defective shall be returned, properly identified, to the Manufacturer at its place of business in Purvis, MS.
  • The Manufacturer agrees to repair F.O.B. its factory, or replace without charge F.O.B. its factory, or replace without charge F.O.B. its factory any antenna which is damaged by wind within one year after date of sale by the Dealer, provided that the antenna remains attached to the tower or the support structure and provided further that the tower or the support structure to which the antenna is attached remains undamaged and standing. Any claims made for replacement or repair due to wind damage shall be accompanied by at least four photographs of the antenna and the support structure from points that are east, west, north and south of the damaged antenna and clearly show the damaged portion of the antenna.
  • This warrant to repair or replace is the only warranty either express or implied upon which said antenna is sold; the Manufacturer’s liability in connection with this transaction is expressly limited to the repair of the defective antenna or replacement.

Note: This warranty covers directional base antennas only.

Which Jo Gun Antenna Suits your needs the most?

Star Series – The STAR Antennas are dual fed with horizontal and vertical polarization. They are an excellent ground wave and DX antennas. A CB’er who enjoys talking 20 miles or across the U.S. will benefit the most with the STAR.

Cross Series – The CROSS Antennas are dual fed with horizontal and vertical polarization also. The CROSS is a slightly harder hitting ground wave antenna with good performance in DX. The CB’er who mainly enjoys ground wave talking will benefit the most with the CROSS.

Conventional Series – The CONVENTIONAL Antenna has a single feed line polarization for either horizontal or vertical. Designed for the CB’er who only wants single polarity, these antennas will give excellent performance in single polarity applications.

V Series (DX Antennas) – The V Antennas have a single feed line which transmits circular polarity. This is the most effective way to talk DX and hold the conditions the longest. For CB’er who wants to get the most of out of his skip talking, the V’ will give the best performance possible.

Super Audio Series – The SUPER AUDIO Antennas have horizontal polarization only. They were designed for the serious flat side operator who demands heavy-weight performance. These antennas have high power-handling capabilities and extremely high levels of audio.

10 Meter OMNI – Frequency Range, 26.000 to 29.500

JGAR Pistol – The 10 Meter Omni-Directional PISTOL has a single feed line and is vertically polarized. It is small in size and big in performance.

JGAR Hillbilly – This 10 Meter Omni-Directional HILLBILLY is dual fed with both horizontal and vertical polarization. This is a very unique feature for an Omni-Directional antenna.

10 Meter Directional – The STARS, V’s and CONVENTIONAL Series antennas are also excellent for 10 Meter use, and can be slotted to a particular frequency coverage request.