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Smokin’ Gunn II Antenna

The Smokin’ Gunn II has dual polarity which enables the operator to select either vertical or horizontal polarization. Being very small in size, it is light-weigh enough to mount on a telescopic mast with a light duty antenna rotor. Another feature of this antenna is the broad frequency range, which will allow it to operate more effectively on export radio brands. Being ideal for the operator who has limited space, the unique design of the Smokin’ Gunn II will produce excellent performance locally as well as in skip (DX) conditions. But don’t be fooled by its small size – the Smokin’ Gunn II carries quite a punch.

  • Frequency Coverage: 26.500 – 28.500 mhz
  • Power handling capabilities: 3KW (12 KW power package available)
  • Requires two coaxial cables (RG-8U or RG-213U) for antenna hook up
  • Requires only a light-duty TV antenna rotator to turn this directional antenna
  • Simple to use instructions with “Easy Set” matching system
  • 6063 T-52 Aluminum


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Type: Horizontal & Vertical Polarization Twin Feed System
Gain: 12 DBi
Front to Back Ratio: n/a
Side Rejection: 38 DB True
Back Rejection: 30 DB True
Weight: 14 lbs
Length: 5′
SWR: 1.1
Wind Speed Survivial: 80mph
Power Multiplication: 28x
Wind Load: 2.0 Sq. Ft.
Horizontal to Vertical Separation: 28 DB