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Need help? Call (817) 886-9575

Need help? Call (817) 886-9575

6 Star Antenna

The Star Antennas are high performance, long distance, ground wave antennas. They will do an excellent job in DX with power-handling capabilities rated at 5 KW*. The Star Antennas are also excellent for 10 meter use, and are available in the 10 Meter Series by request. 20-25 DB

*This antenna has a power-handling capabilities rated at 5KW. This can be upgraded to 12K or 20K. Please select below.


7 1/2″ x 1/4″ Jo Gunn 3D Wall Plaque

All of our antennas and parts are made to order, in the order in which they are received. Once your order is received and production has begun, we will contact you to finalize shipping. For additional questions, please email info@jogunn.com.

Current production time is less than 1 week.


Type:Horizontal or Vertical Polarization Twin Feed
Gain:18 DB
Front to Back Ratio:50 DB True
Side Rejection:55-60 DB True
Back Rejection:45 DB True
Wind Speed Survivial:100mph
Power Multiplication:75x
Wind Load:8.5
Horizontal to Vertical Separation:25-30 DB