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SkipJack DX Antenna

The V Antennas are excellent for DX. Designed for the serious DX’er, the V’s have powerful handling capabilities rated at 5 KW. The V Antennas are also excellent for 10 meter use, and are available in the 10 Meter Series by request.


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Type: Horizontal and Vertical Polarization Single Feed
Gain: 12.5 DB on DX
Front to Back Ratio: 35 DB True
Side Rejection: 40 DB True
Back Rejection: 35 DB True
Weight: 15 lbs
Length: 5′
SWR: 1.1
Wind Speed Survivial: 100mph
Power Multiplication: 25x
Wind Load: 1.9
Horizontal to Vertical Separation: 20-25 DB